City Events

The City Events broadsheet is published by the Friends of the City Churches in conjunction with the Archdeaconry of the City of London. It depends on the information supplied each month by the individual churches. Copies can be found in most City churches, libraries and the City Information Office. Enquiries about particular events should be addressed to the venue concerned.

The latest issue is usually published in the last week of the previous month (there are double-month issues in the Summer and at Christmas).

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Weekend services

The majority of City churches are active during the working week rather than at weekends. However, some offer Saturday or Sunday services and details of these can be found here

Events over the City border

Some of the churches just outside the City boundary have events which are designed to appeal to those who work within the City as well as those within the immediate the locality. Some details of these may be found here. It is emphasised, however, that contact should be made with the church concerned for full details of any event mentioned.

St James Galickhythe