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St Bartholomew the Great

Address: West Smithfield, EC1A 7JQ
Telephone: 020 7606 5171
Usual opening times: Mon-Fri 08.30am-5pm (4pm 11th Nov-14th Feb)
Description: A Norman foundation as a priory church by Rahere in 1123. Only fragments of the original building remain. Much of it was pulled down when the parish took it over from the post-Reformation owner, Sir Richard Rich, in 1543. The present exterior is largely post-Reformation, 16th-17th century with some Victorian work by Aston Webb in 1886-98. His brother was churchwarden, and he continued with embellishment (largely to the interior) until 1928. Despite its mongrel provenance, or perhaps because of it, the building has great atmosphere and has been used on several occasions for filming.

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