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All Hallows Staining

Address: Mark Lane, nr Fenchurch Street, London EC3R 7AE
Usual opening times: site accessible 24/7, tower and crypt rarely open to visitors
Description: The medieval church survived the Great Fire of 1666, probably thanks to the garden of the adjacent Clothworkers' Hall, which formed a firebreak. Unfortunately, like many of the ancient churches lost to the Fire, the building was already in poor condition, and much of it collapsed just five years later (allegedly on account of too many burials too close to the foundations). It was restored by 1674 but, in poor condition again, the body of the church was demolished in 1870, leaving only the resilient little tower (c1320). The site gained a medieval crypt in 1872, when Lambe's Chapel (Monkwell Street, Barbican), was demolished and its crypt was transferred to the ground beneath the lost church of All Hallows Staining.
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